Publishing Checklist

Building an elearning course is only half of the process. You need to get it to your learners as well. If you watched the Principles of Instructional Design videos, you already know that you need to plan for evaluation and assessment of the learning you delivered, to see if it was effective. But there are some other practical considerations to delivering elearning that you will want to think about as you develop the course.

How are you going to deliver the elearning?

Some DLCs can publish into the MIT Learning Center (the Training portal in Atlas). Training that is published there can be assigned to users, and completion can be tracked. If you don't have access to store your learning there, or if you would rather have it elsewhere, you could consider creating a Drupal Cloud website, putting it on a SharePoint portal, or storing it in an Athena locker.

How will learners find it?

Are you planning to advertize it somewhere--via email, a newsletter or a bulletin board? What about others who may want to take it that won't see your original posting (such as future new hires)? Wherever your course is stored, consider sending a direct link to the people you would like to take it, rather than just telling them where the course is located. For others, make sure the course is easy to find, and the title or description is clear so anyone coming across it knows whether the course is relevant to them and their work.

When might the course need to be updated in the future?

Naturally, much of the learning we all create becomes out-of-date or even obsolete at some point. While you don't always know when that will happen, you may want to put a note on your calendar for a date in the future to review your courses to ensure they are still relevant and contain correct information.